Sunday School Dept.
Our mission is simpleÖto teach the gospel to every person! From children to seniors, we are dedicated to equip people to live victorious in the power of Jesus Christ!

Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone is a ministry of Bethel Tabernacle designed to reach out to children, ages 4-10. Kids can come to services just for them that include music, puppet shows and much more!

Ignite Student Ministries
Reaching outwardly extending the love of Christ to the young people of North Houston and the greater Houston area. Reaching inwardly, growing in the character of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost. Reaching upwardly, serving Godís church and honoring Him with our worship.

Music Ministry
Our mission is to enrich each service through praise and worship both vocally and instrumentally. It is a channel through which our souls and spirit reach out to God. Our purpose is to assist the congregation in centering their thoughts upon the Lord and to prepare the unsaved for the Holy Ghost to minister to them.

Media Ministry
Our mission is to broadcast the miraculous power of God through multimedia. We are striving to make the gospel available to all in the highest quality possible on every medium.

Spanish Ministry
Our mission is to bring the gospel to the Spanish-speaking population. Understanding that God is calling all kindreds, tongues and nations, we are obligated to reach as many as possible.

Deaf Ministry
Our mission is to bring the gospel to the deaf population of the church. We are called to reach everyone. We therefore endeavor diligently to fulfill this commission.

Foyer Ministry
Our mission is to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for our guests and to display the Spirit of Christ in our lifestyles.

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Sunday 9:45amReceive
Sunday 10:45amReach
Sunday 6:00pmRevive
Wednesday 7:30pmRecharge
Friday 7:30pmIgnite Youth
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