The Miracle of Pentecost Welcome to Bethel. We are very excited to share with you what God is doing here at Bethel! We look forward to meeting you!
“All things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive” Matthew 21:22
  • Micaela -
    Healed from over 30 years of migraines and my financial situation miraculously changed.
  • Juliet -
    I am delivered from depression and hopelessness…He brought me out of darkness.
  • Annette -
    God has delivered me from a lost and dying world, and has restored my relationship with my children…He kept me when I thought my life was over!
  • Juanita -
    The Lord has brought peace to a troubled family situation that I really thought was impossible.
  • Chris -
    I was diagnosed with full-blown glaucoma… I am now glaucoma free!
  • Cynthia -
    You prayed for my hip, and it was healed!
  • Brandy -
    The doctors said I would never be able to have a child… We now have a beautiful 2-year old daughter!
Bethel Tabernacle
Bethel Tabernacle
Bethel Tabernacle
Bethel Tabernacle
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Sunday 9:45amReceive
Sunday 10:45amReach
Sunday 6:00pmRevive
Wednesday 7:30pmRecharge
Friday 7:30pmIgnite Youth
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Bethel Tabernacle
Bethel Tabernacle